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Research Projects

Project Title: Standards, Applications and suitable Road map for Police Radio Communication in NAJA (employer: NAJA, Tehran, 2019-2020)

Project Description and Objectives:

A) A review of the latest technologies and standards developed in the field of police communication and public safety in the world, especially in Europe and the United States with regard to the following:

  • Considering the concept and dimensions of police communications  and public safety in the world
  • Recognizing the proposed projects related to police communications in other countries
  • Investigating the roadmap of police communications in the world
  • Providing architecture and design of hardware and software for various police missions
  • The role of police communication in mission critical situations

B) Identifying the hardware and software needed to transform NAJA police communication

C) Providing architecture, specifications and standards for new radio systems and networks of Iranian police

Project Title: Technical and Financial Comparison between SDH and OTN Systems for Esfahan Urban Railway Lines, (employer: Esfahan Urban Railway Organization, 2013)

Projects with Industry

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